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Gratitude to Reduce Pandemic Stress

May 6

Life during the COVID-19 pandemic can be stressful as children learn from home and parents help their children with schoolwork while also working from homeOne of the best ways to combat this increased stress is to focus on gratitude. Research studies have shown that people who intentionally think about what they are grateful for experienced lower stress and higher levels of happiness.  

We asked our staff what they are grateful for during the Safer-At-Home order. Here’s their list.  

Baked treats: Sweet treats are helping to keep our spirits up 

Birds: Songs, colors, and entertainment provided by these fine feathered friends 

Board gamesHow we end the day and bring the family together 

BooksBooks and stories, whether read at bedtime or as a mid-day break  

BreathLittle ways we can ground ourselves and stay present in each moment 

Cats: Pet therapy in the form of meowing four-legged friends 

Dogs: Slobbery kisses, the lovey dovey eyes, and the goofy doofus dogs in our lives 

Family dance parties: It feels good to shake it off and dance like no one is watching. The sillier the better.  

FamilyOur loved ones — near and far — the family we are born into and our chosen family 

FlowersA bright yellow blossom, some cheerful pink blooms, even the shy purple violets peeking out from tall grass 

Green grassSpring has sprung! The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and the grass is getting greener! 

Imagination: Creativity in problem solving and imaginative play 

Letters: Messages of hope and connection 

LightSunshine in the morning, sunsets in the evening, cozy candles, and reading lights  

MusicThe throwbacks, the jams, the instrumental focus playlists 

Nice weatherIt’s getting warmer! Winter is almost forgotten! Spring is springing! 

Outdoor activities: Getting outside to play. Whether it’s to kick around a soccer ball, shooting some hoops, or tossing a frisbee back and forth.  

Warm blankets and fuzzy socksEven though the weather is warming up, we are still enjoying snuggling up when it’s chilly outside.  

TacosBreakfast tacos, veggie tacos, fish tacos, all tacos 

TechnologyTexts, emails, silly GIFs, and everything in between that is keeping us connected.  

We challenge you to think about what you are grateful for and write it down every day. We are in this together.