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Marble Maze: Nature-Inspired Project

February 15

By Samantha Dufek, site supervisor

Exploring nature through play is a wonderful way for children to discover new things. A major part of after school program is through crafts. We incorporate various art with outdoor activities as a method for the children to wildly express their imagination and creativity.

For example, we let the children create a marble maze using objects found in nature. It is a great way for children to try scavenger hunts and walk in nature around the program space. When enough materials are collected, children can use those objects to create their marble maze on a piece of cardboard.

The children really enjoyed being able to collect their own supplies while spending time outside, as well as the freedom to use the objects they found in a unique way. This results in a creation they are proud of and may want  to recreate at home.

Integrating nature into projects has been an exciting way to engage the children, along with expanding on various outdoor activities. It is fun to see what the children come up with and how much enjoyment they have while doing the activity together. With each new season, new projects can be created based on the nature items outside.