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Members of our community are grieving

June 4

Members of our community are grieving. We hear, see, and feel this grief. We acknowledge the systemic violence against people of color in our country. Wisconsin Youth Company recognizes our responsibility as educators and community members to work toward a better future for our children. Community is at the core of our organization.</p

No parent should have to worry about their child experiencing violence at the hands of police officers. No person should be scared to experience nature. No person should be scared in their own home. And no child should grow up believing they are less because of their appearance, ethnicity, or culture. All children deserve opportunity.

We know opportunity is not equal in our community and too often children of color do not have access to the same possibilities as their peers. It is our mission to provide opportunities for all children. We commit to do our part to help every child become their best self.

We stand in solidarity with those calling for justice in our community. We pledge to examine our work to ensure we continue to be led by the values of community, relationship building, and creating opportunities for all children. We don’t have all the answers. We are listening. In our neighborhoods, on our playgrounds, in our schools, we will continue to listen and do the work.

Rebecca Carlin
Executive Director
Wisconsin Youth Company