Camp Castle Creek 2017-NEW

Join Wisconsin Youth Company's growing community of summer day camps! New--summer 2017, we are excited to announce we are opening a second day camp location in Waunakee, Camp Castle Creek in Heritage Elementary School. Campers will enjoy the sites and sounds of summer with weekly-themed activities, field trips, guest presenters, aquatic fun and much more! Families are welcome to choose between either location, Camp Pleasant Valley in the Waunakee Village Center or Camp Castle Creek in Heritage Elementary.

Join us at Waunakee’s Camp Castle Creek at Heritage Elementary School. Each week will have a different theme with new activities, field trips and swim trips! Campers will explore new places and ideas, play active games and develop relationships with new friends and staff.

Summer School Option

For the weeks of June 19-July 28 Camp Castle Creek offers a half-day afternoon option for students enrolled in summer school. Heritage campers will walk from summer school to camp with a staff member. Students in summer school at Arboretum and Prairie will arrive by bus between 11:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. Parents can make transportation plans to Heritage Elementary through the school district.

Wisconsin Youth Company Summer Day Camp programs and activities are planned specifically for campers entering grades K-2 and grades 3-5. Each week will center around a different theme which allows the summer staff to introduce new concepts, games and projects to the campers. Every week will feature at least one theme-based field trip to a local establishment. These trips serve to broaden the perspectives of the campers and add to the fun of the weekly theme.

We also plan an aquatic trip every week to a local pool, beach or splash pad. Campers are divided into small groups (no larger than eight campers for every one staff member) by their swim levels. Swim levels are noted during the registration process and can be adjusted during the summer if needed. Wisconsin Youth Company Summer Day Camps only visit pools and beaches that are staffed by on-duty, certified lifeguards.

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Heritage Elementary School 501 South St., Waunakee

Attendance Message Line


Administrative Office
608-276-9782 ext. 0

Summer Program Manager,
Layla Moosavi

608-276-9782 ext. 641

Camp Hours, Fees & Dates

Camp Castle Creek offers weekly enrollment from June 12 through August 18.

Camp is open from 7:30 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. We’ll start our theme-based programming at 9 a.m. and run it until 4 p.m. each day. Campers may be dropped off and picked up between 7:30-9 a.m. and 4-5:45 p.m. During these times campers will pursue supervised self-directed activities, play outside and enjoy fun games with friends!

  • June 12-30 & July 10-August 11 | $225 per camper, per week
  • H2Oh Yeah! week | July 5-7 | $170 per camper
  • Camp Finale week | August 14-18 | Exciting daily field trips | $265 per camper | All campers must be picked up by 4 p.m. on Friday, August 18

Encore! week | August 21-25, located at Lake Farm Park in Madison | $255 per camper, per week | All campers must be picked up by 4 p.m. on Friday, August 25

Summer School Option

For the weeks of June 19-July 28 Camp Castle Creek offers a half-day afternoon option for students enrolled in summer school. Heritage campers will walk from summer school to camp with a staff member.  Students in summer school at Arboretum and Prairie will arrive by bus between 11:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. Parents can make transportation plans to Heritage Elementary through the school district. 

  • June 19-30 & July 10-28 | $180 per camper
  • July 5-7 | $146 per camper

Campers are invited to participate in the full camp day on Fridays since there is no summer school.

Registration Deadline

You may register or add weeks any time until the end of the business day on Friday (5 p.m.) six business days prior to the week being requested, provided space is available.

Age Groups

Age groups are based on the grade your child will be entering in the fall.  Campers must be five years old to attend camp.

Grades K-2
Nurturing and loads of fun combine to put big smiles on the faces of our  campers!  Group leaders engage young campers in theme-related games, crafts, outdoor exploration and creative play.  Campers will have a variety of activities to do during the week that will keep them busy having fun and learning.  Group leaders will help campers spark new interests in a variety of topics.

Grades 3-5
Group leaders provide age-appropriate activities for campers, including sports, games, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures and free-play.  Campers will have the opportunity to explore activities based on a weekly theme.  Group leaders will encourage campers to try new things and expand campers’ interests and knowledge in various topics.

Dig This!

K-2 | Take a journey to the past as we explore the prehistoric world. Make cave art to decorate our camp caves with stories of your best summer adventures. Go deep underground as we explore our local national natural landmark, Cave of the Mounds.

3-5 | Discover the tricks of the trade as we become paleontologists for the week. Leave no stone unturned as we search for dinosaur fossils and modern animal tracks to cast and make our own fossils. Journey down into the earth for a look at flowstone and soda straws at Cave of the Mounds, national natural landmark.

Outside The Box

K-2 | Make something out of nothing and trash into treasure. Flex your teamwork muscles to come up with inventions that are truly amazing. Make fantastic decorations to brighten up our camp space as we try out stained glass painting! Together we’ll all experience out of the box thinking on a grand scale as we explore the many rooms of the House on the Rock.

3-5 | This is your big chance, what’s the idea that you have to change the world? Explore the ideas of famous inventors and learn how they created their masterpieces. We’ll create our own machines to accomplish tasks. Discover unique ideas and construction as we explore the House on the Rock. In our minds there is no difference between what is and what could be, let’s find out together!

A Fine Mess

K-2 | If you like to get messy, then roll up your sleeves because this is your week! Let the colors fly as we use crayons for more than coloring. We’ll dive into hands-on activities as we finish our week at the Madison Children’s Museum.

3-5 | Look at what a mess you made, it looks great! Join us for a gloriously grimy week where we’ll paint with pendulums, mess with mallets and sink knee-deep into the activities at the Madison Children’s Museum. We’re ready to get dirty and to make a great mess. Who’s in?

H2Oh Yeah!

K-2 | Dip your toes or jump in, we will all have fun at our water themed week. Experience all things water on our field trips to a local beach as well as Dolphin’s Cove and Adventure Lagoon. Need a break from swimming, relax on your very own camp beach spot that you make yourself.

3-5 | Make today an adventure as we go to the best pools and lakes. Come along on our coolest week of the summer. When we aren’t out and about at beaches and Dolphin’s Cove, get creative with our water based constructions. Design your own craft and race your friends, build a water powered rocket, but whatever you do, stay


K-2 | This week of camp we journey inward. Good food, active games and overall wellness. Learn to make healthy and delicious snacks like fresh-fruit roll-ups and yummy salads with vegetables from Troy Community Farm. We complete our week with a trip to Community Groundworks to help plant, grow and harvest from their delicious garden!

3-5 | The greatest tools you have are your mind and body. We’re going to have fun playing games that will make us think and move. We’ll make delicious, fresh food that will fuel our play, like smoothie popsicles. We’ll also work with and eat scrumptious salads with food from Troy Community Farm! Let’s head to the garden to find our beautiful food at Community Groundworks where we will help them plant and harvest. We will strengthen our bodies and calm our minds by learning some healthy yoga poses. Join us for a deliciously great week!

County Fair

K-2 | Join the festivities as the fair comes to camp. Show off your summer crafts and earn a blue ribbon at our day camp carnival. Enjoy your favorite fair foods on a stick. Test your strength and skill in midway games that you get to design and create. Our carnival experience will continue as we head to the Dane County Fair for all the sights, sounds and smells. Get ready for great fair fun all week long.

3-5 | Come to the fair! Where we’ll combine summer crafts, games and food on a stick! We’ll test our skills at the midway of games we’ll create for camp. Clown around with us as we practice our juggling skills and try out different types of juggling toys like diablos and devil sticks! We’ll cap our week off with a trip to the Dane County Fair. It won’t just be a fair time; it’ll be a great time!

Globe Trekker

K-2 | We all have one world in common, so let’s explore it together. Learn about new cultures, their traditions, music and art. Get your passport ready as we travel to meet furry, feathered and scaly friends from all over the world at the Henry Vilas Zoo. Join us for dyed rice mosaics and summer camp games from the other side of the world. Why go out of this world, when there are so many great things to do here?

3-5 | There is a whole world out there, waiting to be explored. We will prepare you for your trip by learning about the many wonders of the world. We’ll play games that come to us from faraway lands and make the smoothest of rain-sticks. We’ll visit the ambassadors of the world at Henry Vilas Zoo for a roaring good time! Be a part of our world!

Backyard Safari

K-2 | Join us on a fantastic voyage through the natural world.Learn about what is happening around the globe and what we can do to help, right here in our own backyard. We’ll get hands-on as we go outdoors to hike, swim and create natural ways to benefit our environment. Leave no stone unturned as we venture to a state park to immerse ourselves in Wisconsin’s natural wonder.

3-5 | Adventure awaits as you delve deep into the unseen world just outside your front door. Get down and dirty as we plant, grow and build in the great outdoors. Round out your safari with an expedition to one of Wisconsin’s awesome state parks to test your outdoor skills in the field.

Once Upon A Time

K-2 | Get ready as we go far away and long, long ago, into the land of make-believe. We’ll make bridges to help the Three Billy Goats Gruff to get over the river. We’ll become the hero of our favorite tales and learn how to use the puppets that we make to act out stories. We’ll finish our week by seeing the Madison Children’s Theater perform The Lion King.

3-5 | Buttress, Palisade and Ramparts. Discover what these things are as you become the queen or king of your very own castle. Construct the walls, design your banners and reign supreme. Become immersed in another world when we go to Madison Children’s Theater’s performance of The Lion King. We’ll need your help to build Jack’s beanstalk, so get ready for a week of wonder that will end happily ever after!

Camp Finale

Join your friends for a final week of fun and festivities packed with special events and daily field trips! Take your summer favorites, mix in your friends, a DJ, great memories and you get the best of the best! Let’s get out and find adventure. Possible field trips include Cave of the Mounds, the Milwaukee County Zoo, Wisconsin’s beautiful state and county parks, museums and more (all outdoor trips are weather-dependent). Join us and help make it the best week of the summer.

Special Highlights | All-camps carnival at Olin Park

No after camp activities on Friday, August 18. All campers must be picked up by 4 p.m.


Spend the last week of summer at the Lussier Family Heritage Center at Lake Farm Park, 3101 Lake Farm Road, Madison.

Some say that the end of summer is bittersweet, but we don’t think so. While there is time in the day and sun in the sky, join us for summers last hurrah! All of our camps come together at the Lussier Family Heritage Center and celebrate everything great about the summer. Come along with us as we explore the park and beyond with great field trips and awesome games. Don’t waste a second of the time we have left together. As summer comes to a close, take a bow. We did it! Encore, summer! Encore!

*No after camp activities on Friday, August 25. All campers must be picked up by 4 p.m.

Weekly Schedule | A general schedule has been provided. Days of the week and activity times may vary from your camp-specific sample schedule. You will be emailed a weekly welcome letter with camp specific details, and a confirmed schedule will be posted at camp each Monday.

Kick-Off On Monday, the camp director and staff welcome campers, review rules, and familiarize new campers with camp.  Kick-off concludes with a fun activity sure to help everyone get comfortable with one another and excited about their week!

Snack and Lunch | Morning and afternoon snacks are served daily. Campers bring their own nut-free lunch and beverage to camp. Lunches should be packed so that they do not require refrigeration or heating. Milk and juice are available daily and milk is available at lunchtime when campers are on site. Completely disposable lunches are required on field trips.

Rejuvenate | After an active morning and a satisfying lunch, campers slow down and rest a bit before the afternoon heats up and another round of fun begins.

Field Trips | Campers take one or more field trips related to the weekly themes. Some popular destinations include: area parks, the Dane County Fair, a local farm, the UW campus, Henry Vilas Zoo, museums, splash parks and more! Field trips are taken via chartered school bus or WYC van or bus. Notice of all field trips is given via email the week prior and is posted on Monday morning. Campers must wear their camp shirts on field trips.

Swimming | Safety is our first priority when swimming. Once a week, the whole camp takes a trip to a local public swimming pool or beach staffed by on-duty, certified lifeguards. Campers are assigned to one of three swim levels based on swimming ability and are closely supervised by lifeguards and camp staff. See the swim and aquatic activity permission form for more details about swimming and to choose your child’s swim level. Notice of all field trips including swimming is posted at camp weekly. Campers must wear their camp shirts on swimming field trips.

Group Time | Campers will spend the majority of their camp week in established small groups of 10–12 campers based on age. Each small group is led by a group leader who plans age-appropriate, theme-related activities for their assigned group of campers.

Weekly Festival | The weekly festival is a celebration of the week for the whole camp designed around the theme for that week. Included is an opportunity for groups to share highlights of their week followed by all-camp activities guaranteed to end the week with fun and festivities! Weekly festivals have included talent shows, carnivals, beach parties, field games, water fun and much more. Parents are welcome to attend the weekly festival and are encouraged to join in the fun!

2017 Summer Payment Calendar
Program Week Payment Due Date
June 12-16 June 5
June 19-23 June 12
June 26-30 June 19
July 5-8 June 26
July 10-14** July 3
July 17-21 July 10
July 24-28** July 17
July 31-August 4 July 24
August 7-11 July 31
August 14-18*** August 7
August 21-25*** August 14

Weekly Deposits | Deposits are applied toward weekly fees and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

$25 per child, per week | day camp, circus-one week experience, Spanish immersion camp
$50 per child | circus-two week experience, theater immersion camp
$50 per child, per travel club | Wander Wisconsin

**If enrolled in circus-two week experience and/or theater immersion camps (two-week camps), remaining amount of fees for both weeks is due Monday (5 p.m.) five business days prior to the start of the first program week.

***Dane Only - Friday, August 18 & 25, there will be no after camp activities.  All campers must be picked up by 4 p.m.