Looking for registration FAQs?  Please see our Registration FAQs page.


How do you accommodate children with special needs?

When you register your child for one of our programs please indicate on the history form if your child has a special health concern.  Our staff reviews all health forms prior to enrollment to make sure that we can meet your child’s needs.  We may call you to get additional information that will help us provide a safe environment for your child.  We recognize that we may not be able to meet the individual needs of all children and families in every program we offer.  If your child needs to take medication during the program hours, you will be asked to fill out an authorization to administer medication form.

How are behavioral and disciplinary problems handled?

If your child is experiencing difficulty due to inappropriate behavior, our staff will work with the child and the family to help the child improve his/her behavior.  We reserve the right to remove a child or suspend their enrollment if they have needs that cannot be accommodated within the normal staffing pattern, or if the safety of the child, staff or other children is jeopardized.

What is the child-staff ratio?

In our school year programs, state child care licensing rules require a ratio of no more than one staff for every 17 children under the age of eight. In many cases our ratios are lower.  For our 4K programs the ratio is one staff for every 12 children.  In our summer programs, our staff-to-camper ratios are established by state child care licensing rules and the American Camp Association.  These ratios vary by camper age and license type, however typically staff lead small groups of about 12 campers.  Leadership and support staff often join the groups and that allows for lower ratios.

What about severe weather, medical or other emergencies?

Emergency procedures have been developed by our risk management director and other administrative staff.  Parents receive a copy of program procedures in the handbook for each program their child is enrolled.  Sites/camps are equipped with phones, first aid kits and emergency supplies.  Wander Wisconsin trip staff have cell phones and emergency supplies, as well as knowledge of evacuation routes and designated shelters for each trip.  Parents must provide at least one, preferably local, emergency contact and should inform all emergency contacts that our staff may contact them in an emergency.

What about my child’s swim level and supervision in water, and their sunscreen/insect repellent for summer programs?

Please click here for information on how to determine swim levels for your child.  Knowing your child’s swim level allows our staff to determine the swimming and water activities that are suitable for your child’s safety.  The swim permission form is included with your summer registration materials.  Campers swim with a buddy and are closely supervised by trained lifeguards and camp staff.  Buddy checks are called frequently.

We provide Rocky Mountain SPF 30 sunscreen and Cutter All Family Pump Spray, 7% Deet insect repellent.  On your child’s health history form, you authorize our staff to apply these products.  If you don’t want the brands we supply,  you must complete an authorization to administer medication form, for the type of sunscreen and insect repellent you will be supplying instead.

How do I get more information?

Please contact us if you have questions.  Our site supervisors/camp directors and staff on site are also available to answer your questions.   All sites/camps have a parent bulletin board where notices, reminders, weekly plans and field trip schedules are posted. 

What kind of training does staff receive?

All staff receives an orientation specific to the program for which they are hired.  Orientation includes risk management and safety procedures, behavior management/child guidance and recognizing child abuse.  Staff working in licensed programs are required to complete 25 hours of inservice training during the course of one school year.  At least one person at each site/camp is required to have CPR and First Aid training.  Wander Wisconsin staff are trained in Wilderness First Aid in addition to CPR. 

How do I know your programs are safe?

Wisconsin Youth Company (WYC) has a strong safety record.  Sites and camps are inspected by our own risk manager, state licensors, YoungStar raters and City of Madison accreditation staff (Madison programs only).  All staff must pass a criminal background check before starting work in our programs.  WYC has safety and risk policies and procedures that are in place and consistently followed for all programs.