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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Megan J.

June 28

woman wearing knit hat and vest standing in a pumpkin patch holding a pumpkinMs. Megan joined Wisconsin Youth Company in Fall 2021 as the site supervisor at After School Merton. This summer, she is camp director at Camp Connection. Ms. Megan plans the best After School and camp activities and is even known to throw a fun themed party every once in a while. Soon Ms. Megan will transition into a program supervisor role which means she will be consistently returning to After School Merton and Camp Connection.

Q1: What has been your favorite memory working at WYC?

My favorite memory so far has been the activities we did for St. Patrick’s Day. The kids worked together to make a leprechaun trap. It was so amazing to watch all the teamwork. We also did a science project called rainbow-in-a-jar where we added different things like dish soap and oil to make different layers of colors. The kids’ faces of excitement as they helped pour the liquids in a jar and guess that was going to happen was priceless.

Q2: What is the most important thing you learned as a child that still applies today?

The most important thing I learned when I was younger is to go with flow. Something may not turn out like you were thinking in your head but go with it. Especially when you’re trying something new.

Q3: Who was a mentor you looked up to when you were younger? Why did you look up to them?

My mentor was my special education teacher in elementary school, Ms. Kimmy. She was there to help all her students and cheer us on. She even stayed in touch with me as I moved on to middle school and high school. She came to IEP meeting in high school to make sure I was still getting all the help I needed. Ms. Kimmy was so caring to both current and past students. She was the one who made me want to work with kids and be their Ms. Kimmy.

Q4: What is your favorite part about working with kids?

Getting to watch them create friendships, learn new things, use their imaginations to create new things, as well as the excitement they get when they accomplish a task that was hard for them.

Say “hi” to Ms. Megan next time you see her!