2023 Theater Immersion Camp registration is open!

Theater Immersion Camp offers youth the unique opportunity to take part in all aspects of a theater performance, as they work together to put on a show on the final day of camp. No experience is required.

Theater Immersion Camp is July 10-21 and registration is for the entire two weeks. Camp hours
are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. The final theater performance will begin at approximately 1 p.m. on
Friday, July 21.

Wisconsin Youth Company puts the health and safety of campers and staff first. All programs follow CDC, and public health guidelines. 

Tuition assistance is available to families for all programs.


Theater Immersion Camp is two weeks. Single week registrations are not available. You may register any time until the end of the business day on Friday (5 p.m.) six business days prior to the 2-weeks being requested, provided space is available. 

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Open Registration
Jul 10-21

What kind of dog gets an “F” in obedience training and then saves a museum, catches a burglar and “hatches” an emperor penguin? Only Emily’s loveable and rambunctious Great Dane puppy, Pinkerton! Pinkerton’s boisterous behavior in Emily’s classroom lands him in obedience training at Dr. Alesha Kibble’s Canine University. After tearing up a newspaper when told to “fetch” and affectionately licking the invader when told to “get the burglar,” Pinkerton receives an “F.” Undaunted, Pinkerton sneaks into the museum where Emily’s class is hearing a lecture about emperor penguins. Impressed with penguins and their devotion to egg and family, Pinkerton dreams of being a penguin parent. Sneaking out of the house, Pinkerton finds a football at the park and tries to hatch it at the ice-skating rink. He’s discovered there by Emily and her family, and Emily’s grandmother delivers a stuffed egg with a baby “Pinkwin” inside for Pinkerton to care for. Later, Pinkerton is teething and destroys a neighbor’s tree, causes a piano to collapse and devours an entire box of rawhide bones. Emily realizes that she can’t leave Pinkerton at home and disguises him in a stegosaurus costume to take him with her to the museum’s Dinosaur Day. When a huge dinosaur skeleton is revealed, Pinkerton grabs a bone from it, causing the entire skeleton to collapse. As Emily prepares to make up for Pinkerton’s mistake, everyone notices the precious Pepperwill diamond is missing! And there’s the burglar! Pinkerton springs into action at Emily’s command to “Fetch!” throwing the burglar to the ground and sitting on top of him. The day is saved as all celebrate Pinkerton!  (Source: Dramatic Publishing)

Fees  |  $550 per camper for the two-week session  |  Tuition assistance is available to families for all programs

Camp Deposit  |  Deposit is applied toward course fee and is non-refundable and
$50 per camper

Remaining Fees  |  Remaining camp fees (less deposit) are due by the end of the business day Monday (5 p.m.) five business days prior to the start of program