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Summer Program Preps Students for Middle School

April 28

By Rita Chelmo, MSU program coordinator 

Madison has a lot of opportunities for young kids during summer months, but often, youth entering middle school are overlooked. Wisconsin Youth Company’s Middle School U (MSU) program is specifically designed for middle school students who are looking for fun opportunities to be active, social, and engaged during the day. 

This summer, we are offering programs that allows students to explore a variety of interests and get creative alongside their peers:  

  • Arts and crafts
  • Science and engineering
  • Theater arts
  • Leadership and active games 
  • Role playing games and board games 

Whether students are well versed in a certain area or just want to try something new, our knowledgeable instructors guide them through a positive experience in which they can develop their interests and skills. 

These courses are especially beneficial for students who will be entering 6th grade in the upcoming school year. Many of us remember the excitement, stress, and anxiety of transitioning from elementary school to middle school. Our mission is to make this transition easier in the following ways: 

  • MSU is a safe, inclusive, and encouraging environment where students can start to move out of their comfort zone at their own pace.  
  • Our courses offer handson, age-appropriate activities that spark curiosity and provide them an opportunity to meet students from other schools in the Madison area. 

This can be a hard age, but it is also a time when children are getting to know themselves and explore their own interests. They are gaining independence and navigating new friendships and self-discovery.

MSU encourages students to get away from screens, get involved, learn through doing, and boost their confidence before entering middle school. MSU programs offer an enjoyable introduction to the middle school experience and seek to prepare students for a stress-free transition into a successful school year. 

Learn more about MSU courses.