Thank you for choosing Wisconsin Youth Company School Year Programs!  

Please note: Families are varied and the use of the word Parent(s) refers to the adult(s) who are responsible for the child(ren).  

Wisconsin Youth Company is proud to continue our relationship with the Madison Metropolitan School District to provide on-site after school programming. Please carefully review all tabs on this webpage prior to your first day of school.   

Crestwood Elementary School  |  5930 Old Sauk Rd.

  • After School Program Cell Phone  |  608-445-8026   
  • After School Program Hours  | Monday 1:10-5:45 p.m., Tuesday-Friday: 2:35-5:45 p.m.
  • Please note: program will not be offered on mid-day release and no school days. View the full program schedule here 2023-2024 Program Schedule.
  • After School Program Location  |  Old Gym – The entrance to the gym is located at the main entrance doors (Door #1) on the south side of the building.
Meet the Staff  
  • Site Supervisor  |  Adam Cabell
  • Group Leader  |  Tyona Porter
  • Program Manager  |  Stephany Aimeé

All staff have education and/or experience related to working with children. They receive training prior to the start of the school year and are certified in first aid and CPR. All program staff receive additional training with updated health & wellness and cleaning & sanitation protocols.  

What to Bring 
  • Extra set of clothing, as needed 

Please do not send your child with any unnecessary items. Toys or other items from home will not be permitted. Wisconsin Youth Company is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property, including clothing.  

Please note: Families are varied and the use of the word Parent(s) refers to the adult(s) who are responsible for the child(ren).

After School Pickup   
  • Parents will text or call the program phone, 608-445-8026, upon arriving to program. We will have both Parent 1 and 2 phone numbers programmed in the program phone. Please confirm the most current cell phone numbers are listed in your Parent Portal. That will serve as our means of identifying Parents. Staff will have children clean up, gather belongings, sanitize hands, and exit the program space through Door #1 unless picking directly up from the playground. Parents should meet their child(ren) outside the exit door. 
  • If your child(ren) has not exited the school five minutes after your text, please call the program phone. 
  • If a different pre-authorized pick-up person is planning to pick-up from After School, please notify our administrative office or the site directly . 
Daily Activities  
  • Wisconsin Youth Company staff will create weekly lesson plans tiered to the children’s interests.
  • Our program helps your child(ren) to discover new opportunities through our choice-based curriculum.   
  • Within the daily activities, children will have a chance to participate in STEM, art projects, community building games, and other various hands-on activities to expand their developmental growth. Along with developing important life skills such as language, social, and emotional skills.   
  • There will be time for daily outdoor recreation (weather permitted) where children will participate in group games and explore the playground.
  • Children are also provided the opportunity to complete homework.
  • An afternoon snack will be provided.  
  • All snacks served at program are nut-free.  
  • Milk will also be served.  
  • Please see the Wisconsin Youth Company Program Handbook for more details about snack.  

Aloha After School families!

We are starting to finally shift seasons as we move into spring. This gets me excited as I know that summer will be just right around the corner. What’s your favorite season? Are there seasonal activities you do with your family? Last month, the kids enjoyed the unusually warm February and spent lots of time outside playing games like tag, football, or simply doing cartwheels and running around on the playground.

Are there any special craft activities you like to do with your children? My staff and I would love to receive any information on crafts you might do at home; we’re looking for fresh ideas and to expand on activities we do here at program. A common favorite (as I’m sure you all know) is slime! Though slime is a fun and easy activity, it is also very common and we would like to provide more innovative crafts or projects at program. Feel free to share any resources you might have. We’re always looking for an outside perspective. And again, if your child(ren) has specific interests, we’d love to know. This will help me better lesson plan with keeping the children’s interests and likes in mind.

Kind regards,

  • No program March 25-29
  • Registration for summer programs opens Wednesday, March 6 at 4 p.m. The registration team will be available to assist with questions until 6 p.m. this day.
  • Registration for 2024-2025 School Year programs opens Wednesday, April 10 at 4 p.m. The registration team will be available to assist with questions until 6 p.m. this day.
  • If possible, please send your child(ren) to program with a labeled water bottle.
  • During pick-up, if you are unsure whether we will be indoors or outdoors, park in the parking lot that is located near the back door of the gym (this is not the parking lot adjacent to the playground). This lot is accessible to the playground (walk around the corner of the building to the playground) and main entrance. Please also feel free to send a text to the site phone at 608-445-8026.
  • If you’d like to contact me with concerns or questions, please feel free to email me at:
  • Please call the attendance message line at 608-276-9898 to report any absences.
  • Families are encouraged to visit program. Please feel welcome to join your child in play or the staff-led activity while picking up your child(ren) each day. 
Weather Guidelines

This chart shows what children need to wear when programs go outside.

Photo Gallery

Program Manager

Stephany Aimeé is the program manager for After School at Crestwood Elementary. Please feel free to reach out to Stephany if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding program. She is available by email at: or by phone at 608-445-8011.

Please note: Families are varied and the use of the word Parent(s) refers to the adult(s) who are responsible for the child(ren).

Site Cell Phone Number: 608-445-8026  |  This number can be used to call or text Wisconsin Youth Company staff at your child(ren)’s location during program hours. Please note that staff are engaged with children during program hours and may not be able to answer. Please leave a message and they will get back to you.  

24-Hour Attendance Message Line:  608-276-9898  |  Please call the message line when your child(ren) will be absent from program. All absences must be reported. Please leave a message regarding your child(ren)’s name, program, and the date(s) of absence.  

Administrative Office: 608-276-9782 ext. 0  |  If you need immediate assistance, please contact our administrative office. Our administrative office can also assist you with your registration questions.  

Wisconsin Youth Company Email:   |  To communicate with our administrative or registration team or if you have questions regarding your account please send us an email.