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6 Ways to Keep Campers Safe on Hot Days

August 2

two boys dumping bucket of water on sitting camp counselorA 90-plus degree day with high humidity is not uncommon in Wisconsin. In fact, southern Wisconsin has recorded between 25 and 30 days per year of 85 degrees or warmer over the past 10 years, according to the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Milwaukee/Sullivan, Wisconsin. This first week of August brings with it some of those hot and steamy days and keeping 400 children safe is always the number one priority.

Here are 6 ways Wisconsin Youth Company keeps campers safe:

  1. All summer staff go through Hazardous Weather training. This training includes how to stay safe in extreme heat — from knowing how to minimize heat, helping staff and campers stay hydrated, to identifying heat-related illnesses.
  2. Fun water games are planned for hot days. Children love games such as Drip, Drip, Drop which is like Duck, Duck, Goose but with a sponge and water.
  3. Water field trips. This year, splash pad and pool trips are back and children get to have fun visiting a local pool or splash pads with their fellow campers.
  4. Making sure many hydration breaks are planned for throughout the day. Sometimes popsicles make an appearance.
  5. Using lots of fans in program spaces such as industrial-sized fans, especially in program spaces that don’t have air conditioning.
  6. Arts and STEM activities inside air-conditioned spaces.

Safety and fun go hand-in-hand at summer day camps.

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