2021 Board of Directors

Wisconsin Youth Company exists so that children thrive outside the school day. This means all youth in our community are welcome to participate in our programs, and those that do are given the opportunity to reach their full potential in a safe, welcoming environment.

As the Board of Directors for Wisconsin Youth Company, we have adopted the following principles to guide the organization’s work:

Wisconsin Youth Company exists so that the children of south central Wisconsin thrive outside the school day at a level that justifies the resources invested.

  • Children will have a sense of belonging through supportive relationships with peers and adults.
  • Children will value themselves and explore personal interests.
  • Children will develop life skills consistent with their abilities.
  • Wisconsin Youth Company’s southwest Madison neighborhood will grow in community capacity.

We, the Board of Directors, reaffirm our and Wisconsin Youth Company’s commitment to providing an atmosphere that values diversity, respects everyone, and ensures all members of our community are welcome and safe while participating in our programs and visiting our facilities. Only by doing this can we achieve our ultimate goal that all children in our community thrive.

Alexis Bourgeois

Advisor, Edgewood College

Nate Jorgensen

IT Support Specialist, RISE Wisconsin

Alex Wong
Vice President-Treasurer

Chief Technical Officer, Toolshed Software

Rebecca Ramirez

Psychologist, Madison Metropolitan School District

Gina Pruski
Board Member

Training Director, State Public Defender’s Office

Justin Heim
Board Member

Training Officer, State Public Defender’s Office

Julianne Lind
Board Member
Jennifer Burken-Brett
Board Member

Research Scientist, UW Hospital

Barbara Springer
Board Member

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