Providing Opportunities 

Every child deserves the opportunity to be their best selves. Wisconsin Youth Company strives to provide that without barriers for families. Through our tuition assistance, we make programs available to all families regardless of if they can afford the program fees.  

Wisconsin Youth Company supports families in attaining funding through other sources such as WI Shares and the City of Madison Child Care Assistance Program. We also have our own scholarship fund which allows us to meet the needs of families who may not qualify for other funding. 

Scholarships are awarded to eligible families as funds are available. For the past 10 years, WYC is proud to have awarded scholarships to every family who applied. Families are eligible primarily based on financial need or other compelling family circumstances, which can be short-term or long-term.  

We understand that child care is a large expense for families. We invite all families who feel the need to apply. The WYC Scholarship Committee considers all families’ circumstances and will award scholarships as available.  

Wisconsin Youth Company’s mission is to engage youth in opportunities to encourage them to be their best selves.

Vision Statement

Wisconsin Youth Company is a non-profit organization, dedicated to high-quality out-of-school programming that meets the evolving needs of youth & families. We impact children by providing a safe place to nurture social/emotional skills and positive character development. In order to operate sustainably with exceptional quality, we support the talents of staff through professional development and the use of collaborative tools. We earn the trust of families and communities by fostering positive, respectful relationships and delivering consistent programming.

Core Values

We value relationships. Our staff are dedicated to our children and families and committed to continual improvement and professional development. We value diversity, respect each other and resolve differences in ways that preserve relationships.

Youth are our focus.  We strive to model the strong character that we want to inspire in the children we serve.

Collaboration is the way that we work together as a team.  We share knowledge, hold ourselves and each other accountable, and work with integrity and fairness. Through this transparent and ethical model we build trust with each other and the families that we serve.