Wisconsin Youth Company offers translation services. Please email info@wisconsinyouthcompany.org if you prefer a language other than English. 

Wisconsin Youth Company Scholarships

We understand that child care is a large expense for families. We invite all families who feel the need to apply. Families are eligible primarily based on financial need, which can be short-term or long-term. Families do not need to qualify for other financial aid in order to meet WYC eligibility. The WYC Scholarship Committee considers all families’ circumstances and will award scholarships as available.  Families must register for a Wisconsin Youth Company program in order for their application to be reviewed.

If you need support paying summer camp deposits, please contact us at info@wisconsinyouthcompany.org.

Complete this form to learn more and receive a scholarship application. 

Funding Sources

WI Shares  |  Complete this short form to see if you are eligible for benefits

City of Madison Child Care Assistance Program  |  Learn More

Dane/Waukesha County Child Care Assistance  |  Learn More

CCTAP – UW Madison  |  Learn More 

Family Testimonials