Wisconsin Youth Company staff are answering phone calls Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. For everyone's safety, Wisconsin Youth Company office buildings remain closed and staff are working remotely. Thank you for your understanding.

Executive Director, Rebecca Carlin  |  rcarlin@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Finance Director, Mary McCarthy  |  mmccarthy@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Risk Management Director, Kathy Smith  |  ksmith@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Human Resource Generalist, Alexandria Jacobson  |  ajacobson@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Community Outreach Director, Monique Bryson  |  mbryson@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Director of Neighborhood Centers, Jennifer Weber  jweber@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

IT & Registration Director, Andrew Sudhoff   |  asudhoff@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Communications Director, Maureen Alley  |  malley@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Fund Development Coordinator, Emily Wills  |  ewills@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Creative Director, Julie Monahan  |  jmonahan@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

After School Director, Ashley Rose  |  arose@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Waukesha Program Director, Jim Wick  |  jwick@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Summer Program Director, Layla Moosavi  |  lmoosavi@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Waukesha Program Coordinator, Jennifer Niggemeier  |  jniggemeier@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

After School Program Manager, Meghan Case  |  mcase@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

After School Program Manager, Nate Peterson  |  npeterson@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

After School Program Manager, Amanda Gartzke  |  agartzke@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

After School Program Manager, Melissa Meyer  |  mmeyer@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Summer Program Coordinator, Rob McCoy |  rmccoy@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Middle School U Program Coordinator, Rita Chelmo  |  rchelmo@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Program Support Coordinator, Maggie Yang  |  myang@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Program Support Coordinator – Waukesha, Stacey Ball  |  sball@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Registrar/Office Manager, Jinny Phillips  |  jphillips@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Accountant, Diane Neitzel Butts  |  dnitzelbutts@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Registration Specialist, Megan Cannon  |  mcannon@wisconsinyouthcompany.org

Registration Specialist-Waukesha, Erica Butler  |  ebutler@wisconsinyouthcompany.org