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4 Reasons to Work at Wisconsin Youth Company

January 16

Job hunting is stressful, and it can take a good chunk of valuable time to figure out if an organization is a good fit before hitting “send” on an application. Fortunately, it is easy to see why Wisconsin Youth Company is a wonderful place for just about anyone with these four reasons:

1) Opportunities

Staff are always encouraged to learn and develop their career at their own pace. This means attending webinars, staff training and more, so staff are best equipped to handle the peaks and valleys of their positions and beyond. This passion for improvement sets Wisconsin Youth Company apart from many other organizations that lack professional development offerings.

To add to this commitment, After School staff can earn bonuses and pay increases for completing training while becoming eligible for new roles at the organization. Specifically, After School staff can earn their lead teacher qualification in six months of employment, with all courses paid for by the organization.

2) Team

The Wisconsin Youth Company team consists of people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, allowing staff and students to feel they belong from day one. Staff work hard to ensure they are providing accommodations for others, both staff and students, so everyone can be their best selves all the time. This includes noise-canceling headphones, dietary accommodations, and more across programs for those who need them. This leads to a strong sense of comradery throughout Wisconsin Youth Company programs, allowing for valuable relationships and teamwork.

3) Flexibility

The only predictable thing about life is that it is unpredictable, and Wisconsin Youth Company understands that. Leadership within the organization focuses on backup plans to make sure every day goes as planned so you do not have to stress when life happens.

4) Children

Wisconsin Youth Company programs provide spaces where children can be the truest version of themselves, learn new things, and grow as individuals. This includes various learning stations at After School programs, a wide variety of summer camp themes and trips, and opportunities through other programs so children can explore as many of their passions and interests as possible.

Programs are always growing and expanding like the Middle School U LARPing course where children role-play as characters and culminate their experience with a live action, medieval battle against the final bosses — their parents. Children also have the ability to express themselves at the different After School stations including the arts and crafts station, magnet tiles station, or even the quiet reading station.

Staff help build positive bonds with children in these programs through fun, engaging lessons and activities. This gives children genuine enjoyment and life experience, with many children not wanting the programs to ever end.

These four reasons alone set Wisconsin Youth Company apart from other child care organizations as a high-quality, safe, and caring work environment. Check our full list of open positions and information on benefits on the Work With Us webpage.