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Wisconsin Youth Company is a non-profit organization operating since 1974. At Wisconsin Youth Company, we touch the lives of over 2800 children and their families each year. Not only do the programs have a positive impact on the success of children who attend them, but access to affordable, quality programs is critical for parents and caregivers. You can be a part of this impact by donating your time, talent or service today. Be a part of helping kids thrive beyond the school day.


Families choose our programs for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, the affordability of our programs is always an important consideration for families. We strive to keep our fees as low as possible. Yet, providing quality programs with talented staff has a cost.

We offer scholarships for families in need. We strive to make the application process simple for families and provide funds whenever possible. Your contribution to the scholarship fund can make a great impact for a working family. Just $100 a month, can be the difference between a child experiencing an enriching, active, social after school program or going home to an empty house. Please donate today to support children in your community.

Neighborhood Centers

Wisconsin Youth Company operates two neighborhood centers, Elver Park and Theresa Terrace. Both centers are partially funded by City of Madison and Dane County grants. Wisconsin Youth Company and our fundraising efforts support the rest of programming at these centers. All programs offered at the centers are low cost or free of charge to families in these neighborhoods.

Please complete and submit the form below if you or your business would like to make a tax deductible donation, on our secure website. Wisconsin Youth Company is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

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