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Part 2: 5 Black Inventions that Impact After School Programs

February 28

The second installment of the inventions by Black inventors that make a difference in after school range from necessities like soaps to treats like ice cream scoops. Read Part 1.

  1. George Washington Carver is often credited for evolving the peanut industry. But Carver, a scientist, also developed hundreds of other products including lotions and soaps. Children and staff wash their hands before snack time and frequently during program to keep everyone healthy — especially during a pandemic. 
  1. Thomas Elkins patented a device in 1879 that changed refrigeration, creating an ice-insulated cabinet to keep food cold longer. Refrigerators are crucial for after school programs, keeping all perishable snacks such as milk and string cheese from spoiling.  
  1. Robert F. Flemming Jr. patented the Euphonica, a modern version of what we know as the acoustic guitar. Children have fun playing instruments and creating music during after school programs. 
  1. Alfred L. Cralle invented the ice cream scoop in 1897 when he noticed servers struggling to scoop ice cream and remove it from the spoon. Ice cream is a fun treat at after school, and this tool makes it much easier to scoop ice cream for children who can’t wait to eat it.  
  1. Osbourn Dorsey invented the door knob in 1878 which he called “new and useful improvements in door holding devices.” Without door knobs, we’d have a much harder time running outside for fun on the playground, opening the refrigerator for snack, and so many other ways we rely on handles and knobs.