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Scholarships Support Working Families

June 27

Quote: I didn't think about balancing childcare and work when I first became a mom.When work, school, or personal schedules go beyond school hours, childcare known as out-of-school time programming becomes essential to a family. For parents who struggle to afford reliable care, scholarships offer so much more than financial support. They help families balance work, life, and family, while providing parents peace of mind and giving children opportunities to interact with peers, learn from caring mentors, and play outside! 

One mother shared her family’s scholarship story, and how receiving a scholarship gave their family options they otherwise would not have had. 

“I appreciate the financial assistance we’ve received, especially with the pandemic. We needed someone to watch our son after school. We don’t have any close family members nearby; we don’t have anyone to depend on for our son.

After School alleviated the burden of having to go pick up my son and have my husband take him to his work. At work, my son winds up being on a screen most of the time. But, in After School, there are other options. 

At After School, he can be more physical and interact with other kids. He can have fun, play games, read books. I appreciate that. On the days when he doesn’t have After School, he gets bored so fast.

I didn’t think about balancing childcare and work when I first became a mom. During the pandemic, we especially needed to figure out what to do regarding childcare. It made me think, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that job.’ I guess I could have cut hours, but we really needed the money. I just started my job and I didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

Because we don’t make quite enough, we were able to get some financial assistance. That really helped a lot. Then, we were able to afford other things. Even other activities. It is just so generous.

 It’s really important because I’m sure there are a lot of people in need of After School and financial aid.

If we weren’t able to get assistance, we would have struggled. Even to get into After School, that meant so much. It felt like ‘Thank God!’ It was the only option we had.”

Essential scholarship support is provided in part thanks to generous contributions from people like you. To make a gift and help a child today, please visit Make A Donation – Wisconsin Youth Company.