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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Asendra

May 3

woman standing in white t-shirt and maroon cardigan behind a couch smilingMs. Asendra is a burst of positive energy and light in the Leopold community. In her role as program supervisor, she works year-round to ensure all children have a place to thrive during out-of-school time. She has a beautiful way of creating a welcoming community feel in her after school and summer camp programs where every child feels like part of the family.

Q1: When did you start working with Wisconsin Youth Company and what has been your favorite memory so far?

I started working in January 2020 as site supervisor of the After School program at Leopold Elementary. My overall experience at Leopold is really just my favorite. The kids, the families, the list of relationships that have been established. I am so grateful for it all.

Q2: What is the most important thing you learned as a child that still applies today?

One of the most important things that I learned early on was the importance of diversity. I was taught to understand instead of judge. Being exposed to so many different individuals from different walks of life showed me different viewpoints, expanded my knowledge, and overall made me a much more well-rounded person.

Q3: Who was a mentor you looked up to when you were younger? Why did you look up to them?

I look up to my parents more than anything. For me, they are the definition of “from the ground up.” They worked for everything they have and made sure I always had. My mom religiously said, “there is no free lunch,” which as a child was hilarious to me, but as an adult, it really put in perspective the important of hard work.

Q4: What is your favorite part about working with kids?

My favorite part about working with kids is getting to be a part of their day-to-day lives! I love being one of their go-to people. The bonds that are shared with each child is so fulfilling. They are all just so genuine and comfortable, and come to me with anything.

I love that my job includes helping my kids achieve their full potential, and feel happier and better about themselves!

Say “hi” to Ms. Asendra next time you see her!