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Staff Spotlight: Regan

July 26

Regan joined Wisconsin Youth Company in May and has been rocking her role as development coordinator ever since. Regan is often heard sharing stories of hiking trips, kayak outings, and adventures with her family and her dog, Cooper. She brings great energy, positivity, and passion for helping children thrive to work every day. We are so happy she joined the team!

Q1: What has been your favorite memory of working at Wisconsin Youth Company so far?

I participated in WYC’s first annual Thrive in Stride Fun Run/Walk event, and it was such a fun time! It was a wonderful first introduction to many of my coworkers, and amazing to see the joy and energy in the children and families participating. Being able to attend Thrive in Stride gave me a greater view into WYC and made me really excited to dive into my new role!

Q2: What is the most important thing you learned as a child that still applies today?

It’s OK to be a little different — just have fun and be yourself! As a kid, I didn’t want to be like everyone else and it made my childhood so fun and full of memories that make me laugh today. Now, I am grateful for the confidence to be myself, and still really value having fun every day in life.

Q3: Who was a mentor you looked up to when you were younger? Why did you look up to them?

I grew up going to a summer camp, and I always looked up to my counselors. Whoever my counselor was for that summer, they worked hard to get to know me as an individual and show me they cared about me. They led by example and inspired me to be a better person, and they always made sure camp was a fun, engaging space!

Q4: What is your favorite part about working with kids?

I really enjoy being a part of the learning process with kids and seeing how determined they are to problem solve. The other day I was visiting a camp and the kids were working on writing out ways to be kind to others. I went around helping with spelling, and was so impressed with the determination to sound out words and try to spell on their own before asking for help. It is really inspiring to see such a drive to learn how to problem solve and the joy that comes with their learning!

Say “hi” to Regan next time you see her!